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Social Distancing/Health and Safety

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Safety First

Needless to say, health and safety is at the forefront of all our minds just now.  As well as all of our regular safeguarding procedures, we will be implementing a number of additional measures to ensure the safety of our team, school staff,  and the young people we work with.  These measures include:

  • Our team will have no contact with pupils during our visit.  

  • Our team will only have minimal contact with members of staff during the visit (whilst observing strict social distancing measures).  To achieve this, all possible planning will be achieved through correspondence prior to visit.

  • Our team will wear face masks at all times whilst not performing.

  • Our team will observe strict protocols around hand washing and hand sanitation.

  • The performance space will be at a safe distance from the audience and will be clearly marked out by our team.

  • As an additional precaution, the small amount of equipment we bring into school will be sanitised between each performance.  

Our already innovative production techniques  limit the amount of set required, thereby reducing contact surfaces and allowing the presentation to take place in a small area.


The production can be delivered in any space that complies with social distancing.


We understand that social distancing policies will vary between regional authorities (and indeed schools).  We will work with you to ensure the sessions are tailored to your school to ensure the maximum number of pupils can benefit in an entirely safe way.  Some schools opt to dispense with our workshops and instead have multiple performances.  Often this can be negotiated for the same price.


We understand the constraints placed upon schools at the moment and that these guidelines are continually evolving.  Wherever possible, we will be entirely flexible and adapt to your needs. eg. Timings, Performance Space, Number of participants.

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