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Hope in Secondary Schools


In Secondary Schools, as well as addressing young peoples' social skills, Hope has a clear emphasis on all forms of cyber bullying including the use of social networking sites such as facebook, inappropriate use of mobile phones and electronic messaging.


Set in a Secondary School, learners will be able to identify with the characters of Hope, who is the victim of systematic bullying and her friend Joe who, whilst not being the instigator, finds himself drawn into poor decision making.  Crucially, Secondary School audiences will also gain an uncomfortable insight into Amy, the bully, and her unhappy home life, thereby gaining an understanding as to why somebody may be motivated to bully others.



Hope was developed in 2007 by teachers, actors and workshop leaders to address key issues relating to Mental, Social and Emotional Wellbeing and Health.  It continues to evolve taking into account new policy initiatives and government legislation.   Hope underlines the message contained in ‘Safe to Learn’, relates closely to the 5 outcomes underlined in Every Child Matters and to the HWB outcomes in CfE..  It fits in perfectly to the PSHE Curriculum and can be used to kick-start or enhance your school's anti-bullying initiative. 

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