International Schools - UAE Touring 2019

Over the past two years we have enjoyed two very successful tours of the UAE.  Due to the overwhelming success of our visit we are delighted to announce that 'Hope' will be returning to the UAE in 2019.

Needless to say the production has been carefully designed to be sensitive to the cultural and religious differences of working in the UAE.  We are also able to tailor sessions to meet the specific requirements of your school in terms of audience sizes, timings etc.

 If you would like additional information, or, if you would like to make a booking contact us by email or telephone.

"The feedback we received from students and teachers was very positive. I found the production incredibly engaging and evocative and have been encouraging teachers to use the provocation to delve deeper with their students in class. I only wish we had longer periods to get into the topics and thoughts raised afterwards." 

Brian Nolan

Deputy Head of Primary School and Grade 1 Teacher 

Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai

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