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Cyber Scotland Week 2020

Cyber Scotland Week encourages schools, companies  and other organisations to join in the conversation of Cyber Safety.

It is important that whilst enjoying the benefits of the internet and the World Wide Web we also adopt a responsible approach to its use.  This includes the way interact with one another and being sensitive about the materials we share.

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Why should we book 'Hope' during Cyber Scotland Week?

'Hope' shares the values of 'Cyber Scotland Week' and underpins the messages of the campaign.  ​​Whilst the performance and workshop tour of 'Hope' considers many forms of bullying, in recent years much of our focus has been on the damaging effects of Cyber Bullying.  The production outlines exactly what is meant by the term and highlights the differences and similarities between it and other forms of bullying.  Please explore the website to find out more about the production and the participatory workshops we offer.

'Hope' is next available to book between Monday 17th February - Friday 23rd February 2020 to coincide with Cyber Scotland Week 2020

To book, please click here to fill in a contact form.  Alternatively, please call us on:

0800 158 38 40

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